Frequently asked questions about Chatbot – your personal food delivery assistant

1. What is a Chatbot?

– A chatbot is a modern online assistant! It’s a computer program that simulates human conversation. It answers customer questions, solves their problems, provides information, makes proposals, assists with orders and much more!

2. What is Food Delivery Chatbot?

– A fast and effective food delivery application! Chatbot app is a solution that communicates with your clients via Facebook Messenger. It automatically assists your clients, helping them order food online more easily.

3. How can it benefit my business?

– In many ways! You’ve probably read about it but let us mention them again: – The food delivery Chatbot is individually made just for you and your needs, it speeds up your business which means you don’t have to pay someone to do this job. That saves you money and leads to more orders. Oh, and by the way, it will never lie to you!

4. How does food delivery Chatbot works?

– Through Facebook Messenger. Chatbots answer questions, provide visual content and lead clients through the menu according to their preferences.

5. Why should I use it?

– Because it’s the modern, smarter and cost efficient food ordering app, your business needs!

6. Do you provide Food Delivery Chatbots for restaurant chains?

– Yes, we do. Chatbots are very useful especially for restaurant chains because can coordinate food delivery between different locations easier.

7. Are Chatbots appropriate for a small restaurant or fast food restaurant?

– Absolutely! They are cost effective and support small restaurant same way as big food chains.

8. Will my customers like this way of food ordering?

– Yes! Because they do not need to download an application or make registrations on your website. Also, they do not need to talk to anyone. With Chatbots, the food ordering is easier, faster and smarter.

9. How much is the food delivery app going to cost me?

– Not as much as you think! We provide you with the opportunity to choose from 3 different plans according to your demands and needs. The price starts at 29$/monthly and it can go up to 249$/monthly. Take a look at our chatbot pricing plans.

10. How long does it take to develop a Chatbot for my brand?

– Less than a week! Our experienced developers can create your personalized brand Chatbot within a few business days. Just send us an email and they will get on your case.

11. Are there any discounts on the prices?

– Yes, there are! If you choose to pay annually (for a whole year) you get 2 months for free. That means you will pay only for 10 months!

12. Is there a trial version?

– Yes, there is! You can test the 7 days trial version with a basic template, running with up to 10 active users.

13. Why should I choose Speedflow Bulgaria?

– There are many reasons! We will mention some of them:

  • We have more than 13 years experience in the software development industry
  • Our team of professionals is international. That means we have different points of view. Therefore we understand our clients and business partners better which leads to bigger success of our products and services
  • We are working fast and efficiently
  • Our prices are competitive in the market